About Us

Phase Acoustics, located in the Coimbatore, has provided acoustics, media systems and theatre consulting services to professionals, building, and facility users. We design, suggest, and provide analysis to create places for culture, education, entertainment, living, work, and worship.

The independent acoustical consultants of Acoustics by Design provide acoustical consultation to architects, engineers, facilities directors, and building-owners. Consulted frequently in the conceptual design and pre-construction stages, our independent acoustical consultants work collaboratively with design professionals to make the proper design decisions regarding size and shape of spaces, construction materials to be used, and the design and placement of mechanical systems.
We review architectural plans, conduct site evaluations, research applicable noise ordinances and use sophisticated predictive modelling software to deliver the desired acoustical results and the most appropriate, cost-effective acoustical recommendations.

As acoustical consultants, our objective is to diagnose potential acoustical design problems and solve them-before these problems are built into structures. However, if a facility is already built, or we can also consult on acoustic modifications to achieve the desired results.

And as independent acoustical consultants, we aren’t aligned with any particular products or contractors. We only work for you-the architect, engineer, building-owner, and facility manager-ensuring the most viable, effective, efficient solutions.

Room Acoustics:

Noise Control:
Sound Transmission
Background Noise Level

Acoustics Measurement

Acoustic measurements are frequently performed as part of our Services. We have the specialized equipment and knowledge to measure airborne and impact sound isolation, audio/visual system performance, equipment noise, room acoustic properties, and speech intelligibility.

Computer Modeling

Phase Acoustics, uses computer modeling during project design. We have industry-standard software and custom in-house programs to evaluate audio/visual systems, equipment noise, room acoustics, seating sightlines, sound isolation, and speech intelligibility. Computer modeling allows us to visually represent a design scenario and yields more precise information than what conventional calculations provide. Some programs perform auralizations, which creates an audible simulation of the proposed design, allowing one to ‘hear’ the results before being constructed